I gave up Amazon Prime for Walmart +. Here’s what I think.

One of the perks that come with an American Express Platinum card is the Walmart+ (plus) membership. You get the credit for the monthly membership fee of $12.95. It’s like Amazon Prime. You get free shipping with no minimum purchase. After about 2 months of use, here’s what I think.


It was my habit to go straight to Amazon.com to search for the product I needed and buy there. Now I search both sites and I found that some items are cheaper at Walmart and vice versa.

For example, this Label Maker. I found it on the Walmart website for $12.99, and I couldn’t find anything similar that matches the price point. (At the time of purchase.)
Label Maker at Walmart

I found the same item for $29.99 on Amazon, so I paid less than half the Amazon price.
Label Maker on Amazon
Of course not always Walmart wins, but I must say it’s a draw. Sometimes Amazon is cheaper, in that case, it’s still free shipping if you purchase $25 or more, it just takes longer to get it.


Definitely, Amazon wins in terms of the number of products available. For example, I could not find these items at Walmart so I had to purchase from Amazon and wait for extra days for shipping.

As you can see, these are not everyday items that you purchase often. It is specific to the project I was working on.

Amazon Fresh vs Walmart+ Grocery Delivery

I don’t usually use grocery delivery services. I prefer to pick my eggs, vegetables, and meats. But it was really useful when I got Covid. That one time, it was a lifesaver.

In the end, I learned to wait. So it’s a saving of $139 Amazon Prime fee, plus saving even more by shopping at both sites.

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